Ohtori Akio (ohtori) wrote,
Ohtori Akio

Пятничный спот: секс-роботы и мудрый Гопник

Dr Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology at Berkeley University, says that children will most likely learn to get along with such robots in the home better than their parents ever could:

“Technologies that seem weird, disruptive and challenging when they are introduced, from the printing press, to the train and telegraph, to TV, become banal and taken for granted by the next generation,” she says. “My bet is that children will quickly understand that robots are a category that shares both similarities and differences with people and with other machines.”

Название же у статьи дурацкое. Ну, это раздел "феминизм", чего уж тут - - -
Tags: friday, tolerance

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